Sunday, June 8, 2014

Gdb script to spew malloc backtraces

We've got an app where "perf top" is showing malloc being called a lot. Now we need to figure out who is calling it.

Couple of ideas are obviously to use tcmalloc or something like this:

However these are live game instances running on a server somewhere in Germany (for example), and it's not easy to restart and preload DSOs. People playing on that server tend to frown upon this behavior also. :)

Came up with the idea to try using gdb to connect, set a breakpoint and log the next X hundred of the callstacks to a logfile. Script is down below. I've tried it on glxspheres and it seems like it'll work. I'm sure others have done this - if so and you have any comments / suggestions, please let me know.

# Use via something like this:
#    gdb -x ~/bin/spewmallocscript.gdb --pid=$(pidof glxspheres64)

# Make sure we never get asked y/n
set pagination off

# Overwrite logfile
set logging overwrite on
set logging file /tmp/gdb_malloc_calls.txt
set logging on

printf "\n\nSetting malloc breakpoint\n"
break malloc

set $i=0
set $count=100

printf "Logging %d callstacks...\n\n", $count

# add command for malloc breakpoint
bt 16

if $i < $count
  printf "\ncall #%d:\n", $i
  set $i=$i+1
  set logging redirect off


# send output to log file only
set logging redirect on

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